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How to connect the network cable to the switch?


Many small partners don`t know how to connect the switch to the Network Cable. As a professional network cable manufacturer, I will explain to you today:
Switch means "switch" is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes connected to the switch.
The most common switch is an Ethernet switch. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, optical fiber switches, etc.
VLAN is a virtual local area network. By dividing the local area network into virtual network VLAN network segments, network management and network security can be strengthened, and unnecessary data broadcasting can be controlled.
Break the geographical restriction in the shared network, and divide the subnet according to the management function. Switches of different manufacturers have different support capabilities for VLANs, and the number of VLANs supported is also different
Plug the network cable into the switch.
If it is an ordinary switch, regardless of incoming and outgoing lines, just find an interface and plug it in. In order to facilitate differentiation and maintenance, it is recommended that one port be connected to the incoming line and the outgoing line to any remaining port.
If it is a network management switch, it needs to be configured according to the configuration. For example, port 0/0/1 is VLAN1 and configured for PC1, then PC1 can only be connected to port 0/0/1.
So there are 2 ways of connection
1. When using a Crossover Cable, connect to the "common ports" of two switches (this line is also used to connect two computers directly to Zhuan)
2. One end of the standard line is connected to the switch
"Ordinary port", the other end is connected to the "cascade connection port" of another switch (this line is also used to connect the computer to the switch)
The usual "switches" have cascading ports. Mark "Up-link" or "X" on it
(There are also some models, except for the "Grade Connection Port" which is blank, and the other models are all painted with "X")
The suggestion is to use standard cables when the "switch" has a cascaded connection port.
Because the "switch-computer" connection uses the same line, it is convenient for management and maintenance
When you are really helpless and use the "crossover cable" to connect, be careful not to confuse it with the standard cable used by the "switch-computer"
Shielded Cat5E Cable installation component FTP (foil twisted pair) shielded Patch Cable is very suitable for environments where strong noise near wires may cause interference. Shielding can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce crosstalk.
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