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How to distinguish the quality of the network cables?


The current wire market is flooded with low-quality and low-quality wiring products, which are difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish.

The cost of copper core accounts for between 75% and 85% of the cost of the entire Network Cable, and the most serious cutting edge is also the copper core. The wire diameter shrinks and the wire length shrinks, using recycled copper, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, etc. It plays a decisive role in the quality of the network cable. Once corners are cut, the performance will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, no matter how good the performance of switches and routers, and how high the broadband line rate is, once the wiring quality fails, the entire network performance will fall short. In-wall installation, once the quality of the network cable is found to be inadequate, it may even destroy the entire decoration for maintenance. Buy high-quality network cables! Xiao Bian is here, give you a few tips!

Four steps to identify the quality of the network cable
1. Wire core
First, the transmission quality of the copper core network cable is the best. The quality of the copper core determines the transmission performance of the network cable. The higher the purity and thicker the copper, the higher the conductivity and the smaller the signal transmission attenuation. The copper wire with thick wire diameter, luster, softness and toughness is a good copper wire, and the core of the poor network wire is copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.
Identification method: The most direct method is weighing. Whether it is shrinking wire diameter, shrinking wire length, or cutting corners such as recycling copper, copper-clad aluminum, and copper-clad steel, it will directly lead to a reduction in the number of grams of the network cable.
The editor gives a comparison table of the grams of pure copper, copper-clad steel, and copper-clad aluminum cables:

2. Plastic sheath
Good network cables use brand-new environmentally friendly plastics, which are safe and flame-retardant, flexible, bending-resistant, and anti-aging; while poor-quality network cables often use recycled materials, which are easy to break and have a dull color.
Identification method: A poor network cable will obviously have a pungent smell of recycled plastic; a good network cable has basically no smell. If the cable is of good quality, there will be no obvious whitening no matter how it is folded. If you skim it back, you will see obvious whitening. A network cable with a good skin is not easy to break during the construction of the integrated wiring. The outer skin of the good network cable is flame-retardant. After igniting it with a lighter for a short period of time, the fire will be extinguished immediately and the defective product will continue to burn.

3. lay length
The so-called lay length of the network cable is actually the length of one section of the network cable. Usually, people use the lay length to indicate how tightly each pair of wires are twisted with each other. The tight and precise control of the lay length can effectively offset the signal crosstalk between the pairs. , At the same time, it can better resist external electromagnetic interference to ensure the stability of signal transmission.
Identification method: A good network cable is not only twisted tightly and evenly in pairs, but also twisted tightly and evenly between the four groups of cables. The regular brand network cable is full and tight, and the network cable pairs are basically twisted into regular threads, while the inferior network cable has a smooth outer skin without any lines.

4. Crystal head
Good crystal plugs often use 24K gold-plated contacts. The thicker the gold-plated crystal plugs, the more uniform they are, the more resistant to plugging, acid and alkali corrosion, the longer the contact life, the better the transmission stability. In addition, it adopts a separate sheath design, which is not only fireproof, but the pressing part is repeatedly bent repeatedly, and it can also maintain toughness and not easy to break.

Identification method: A good crystal head will mark the thickness of its gilding. 50u" is better than 30u". If the product is afraid to write its own gilding thickness, it means that the manufacturer has a guilty conscience and there is little or no gilding. Where you press, you can take a large-scale bend repeatedly and see how many times it will break. Generally, the poor crystal head will break several times, and the good one can bend 20-30 times without breaking.

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