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Six types of unshielded network cable parameters and prices


Twisted pair (TP) is one of the most commonly used transmission media in integrated wiring projects. It is composed of two copper wires with an insulating protective layer. Twist two insulated copper wires to each other at a certain density,
The radio waves radiated by each wire during transmission will be cancelled by the radio waves emitted by the other wire, effectively reducing the degree of signal interference.
Twisted pairs in computer local area networks can be divided into two categories: unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP): STP is wrapped with a layer of metal material to reduce radiation and prevent information from being eavesdropped on.
At the same time, it has a higher data transmission rate, but the price is higher, and the installation is more complicated; UTP has no metal shielding material, only a layer of insulating rubber wrap, the price is relatively cheap, and the network is flexible. Except for some special occasions
(Such as severe electromagnetic radiation, high requirements for transmission quality, etc.) In addition to using STP in wiring, we generally use UTP.
The UTP currently in use can be divided into three types, four types, five types, super five types, six types, and super six types. The larger the type number, the newer the version, the more advanced the technology, the wider the bandwidth, and of course the more expensive the price.

product structure:

Conductor material/wire diameter: bare copper or stranded copper, ¢0.57±0.005mm (23AWG)

Insulation material/wire diameter: polyethylene, ¢0.98mm±0.02mm

Number of wire pairs: 4 pairs, two single-conductor double-twisted pairs form a pair. There is a high-density polyethylene cross isolation bracket in the middle of the cable to distinguish the four pairs of wires, which makes the balance performance of the pair more stable and can effectively prevent Performance degradation caused by changes in twisting torque.

line pair color: 1. Orange-white orange 2. Blue-white blue 3. Green-white green 4. Brown-white brown

Wire pair lay length: each wire pair is formed by a combination of different lay lengths

Outer skin material/thickness: PVC, CM grade flame-resistant polyvinyl chloride, 0.56mm

Finished wire diameter: 6.0mm±0.2mm

Packing specifications: carton/shaft, 100m/carton, 305m/carton/shaft





Comply with EMC standard, EN55022

Smoke density: in line with GB/T17651-1998 (equivalent to IEC61034)

Toxicity: Comply with GB/T17650-1998 (equivalent to IEC60754)

Combustion performance: in line with IEC60332-1

Physical characteristics:

bending radius: 4 times the cable diameter tensile strength: ≤93N;

Maximum tensile force: 25lbs (11.35kg) Working environment temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

Storage environment temperature: -20℃ to 80℃

Electrical characteristics (room temperature 20℃±5℃):

Characteristic impedance: 100ohm±15%, 1MHzto250MHz

Transmission delay: 536ns/100mmax.@250MHz

Delay deviation: 25nsmax maximum DC resistance: 6.65ohmsmax/km

Maximum DC resistance unbalance: 3% mutual capacitance@1KHz: 5.6nFmax/100mNVP value: 65%-70

Applications:IEEE802.3: 100Base-T; 1000Base-T; Gigabit-Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet) and 155ATM; 622ATM; 1.2ATM; ISDN, FDDI, etc.

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