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Which is the strongest manufacturer of Category 6 cables?


Nowadays, many manufacturers produce more products. Some of them also produce power cables, HDMI cables, patch panels, etc., but are there any companies specializing in the production of Category 6 network cables, which only make finished network cables, and other products do not.
The editor will take you to understand today that Shenzhen Kaiweier Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of super five network cables, super six network cables, 7 network cables, and 8 network cables. The product is single, focusing on product quality and customer satisfaction!

Category 6 cables are definitely better than Category 5 cables. Category 5e cable (CAT5e): Category 5e has low attenuation, less crosstalk, and higher attenuation to crosstalk ratio (ACR) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),
With smaller delay error, performance is greatly improved. Super Category 5 cable is mainly used for Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps). Super Category 6 or 6A (CAT6A): The transmission bandwidth of this type of product is between Category 6 and Category 7, and the transmission frequency is 500MHz.
The transmission speed is 10Gbps, and the standard outer diameter is 6mm.
Super Category 6 is also called 6A, which can support 10 Gigabit Internet access. At present, the maximum can reach 500MHZ, which is twice that of Category 6 network cables. At present, 6A is divided into two types: unshielded and shielded. Unshielded is similar to Category 6 cables in appearance.
The details are more obvious. The 6A has a denser lay length and a thicker conductor. The most important thing is the outer sheath PVC. The traditional PVC is smooth, and the 6A adopts a gear-like cable groove shape.
It can effectively change the enhanced signal to prevent the minimization of signal attenuation.

There is also a shielded 6A Network Cable. This kind of shield uses a pair-to-pair shielding structure, which is very different from traditional shielding. This pair-to-pair shielding can prevent the interference of the unpaired core to other cores.
It can not only prevent external interference but also enhance the minimization of its own signal attenuation value, but the cost is higher. In general, the market demand is more UTP CAT6A.
Most of the Super Category 6 wiring uses the same modules and jumpers as the Category 6 wiring of the same brand, so the main difference between them is the cable. The goal of IBDN's Super Category 6 cable 4800LX was set from the beginning
It operates normally at higher temperatures, so one of the characteristics of its cable construction is the large wire diameter. The diameter of the transmission conductor has increased from 0.5mm (24AWG) to 0.6mm (23AWG) in common category VI; there are also some manufacturers in
The initial Super Category 6 cables used 24AWG and tried their best to improve the NEXT method, but in 2002 the improved cable added its wire diameter to 23AWG.

Another feature is that a cross-shaped pair divider is added between the 4 twisted pairs. Without cross separation, a pair of wires in the cable may be trapped in the gap between the two wires of the other pair. The spacing between the pairs
Reduce and aggravate crosstalk problems. The divider bar and the cable sheath at the same time tightly fix the 4 pairs of wires in their designed positions, and can reduce the looseness of the wires caused by the bending of the cable, thereby reducing installation time
Decrease in performance. The 4800LX was the first CAT6 cable with a cross divider, and later cable groups followed suit and adopted similar technologies.
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